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THE JUDGE- Family Court judges have immense power over parents and their children. Since parents are not entitled to a jury trial, the judges control all of the proceedings. You will find that judges usually go along with recommendations by ACS. This is much easier since if a judge does not do what ACS wants and the child is harmed, ACS will then blame the judge for not following their recommendations.

ACS LAWYER- ACS workers are represented by lawyers that work for ACS. They will speak for the ACS worker in Court and argue the case before the judge.

ACS WORKER- The ACS worker will appear at most court appearances. It is also very common for more than one ACS worker to be assigned to a case. Often, ACS will bring in workers from other child agnecies and they may appear in court also.

CHIDLREN'S GUARDIAN- These are lawyers that the judge automatically assigns to represent the children. They do very little in way of actually helping the children. When a trial happens they are usually on the side of ACS and will attack the parents in any way they can. They are paid by the state and are often overworked and have little knowledge of the case before them.

PARENTS ATTORNEY- The parents will receive free court appointed attorneys if they cannot afford to hire their own. These attorneys are often very overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the cases that they have. It is vitally important to appear in court with your own private attorney that will fight for your interests only. These lawyers are independent because they are paid by you and you only.