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Mr. Discioarro began his carreer as an Assistant District Attorney in New York City. In the five years he was on that jobm he prosecuted thousands of cases ranging from DWI to Drug Sale. He saw the system up close. When seeking a quality New York criminal defense lawyer, it is crucial that you know the background on your attorney. Being charged with a crime in New York is a serious business. At The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC, you are dealing with a powerfully qualified criminal defense team. Attorney Discioarro is a graduate of Rutgers Law School. Fluent in Italian and Spanish, Mr. Discioarro taught criminal law at John Jay College and Hunter College and teaches other attorneys in legal education classes.

ACS Defense Lawyer in Booklyn

After leaving his prosecution post Mr. Discioarro founded The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC to provide comprehensive representation to those charged with crimes in New York City. The criminal justice system in New York City is unlike any in the world. Each year, approximately 400,000 cases are prosecuted in NYC. The usual arresting agency is the NYPD and in many Child Abuse cases, ACS is the investigating body.The stress of facing Child Abuse or Neglect Charges are great. Jail time, fines, and loss of livelihood are all possibilities that must be dealt with. An exceptional understanding of case investigation, grand jury presentations and vast trial experience is crucial. The background in courtroom experience serves your best interests, as not all lawyers have the skill to defend a case in a court of law. Contact us at 917-519-8417, and let us work for you.