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ACS cases start in several ways. One of the most common ways is an anonymous telephone call made to the ACS hotline to report child abuse. Based solely on this phone call, an ACS worker will call or go to the home of the parent in question. Another way that ACS cases can begin is by a teached being told by a student something negative about his family. The teacher, will then, in an effort to cover themselves and protect their jobs, will contact ACS and manafacture furher lies about what the child said so ACS begins a case. Once ACS takes the case, the teacher has done what she/he needs to do to protect her job.

In other cases, hospital workers or police officers will call ACS if they suspect child abuse. ACS is also used as a weapon for revenge by people who wish to disrupt the lives of others. The problem is that ACS workers are so poorly trained and paid, that very little investigation occurs. If an ACS worker has contacted you, DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM. Contact us at 917-519-8417 and let us speak for you.